Next of Kin

Picture the scene… I’ve gone for a routine well woman checkup at my doctor’s surgery.  They’re walking through the various screens their computer system says they need to check with the patient.  All is going relatively well until they get to the bit where they go Nurse: and is X still Keep reading

Seventy Two

On the 30th of May, my dad would have turned 72.  I’m posting this today because I don’t know how I’ll react to his birthday.  Last year he was admitted to hospital the day before.  I’d had a cake made for him as he’d reacted really well to the shop Keep reading

Age of loneliness

According to the recent census the UK was a nation of single homes.  At the time of the last census, I wasn’t one of those numbers, but I am now. You hear news reports about how loneliness in the elderly causes health problems. I totally get that. Society is governed Keep reading