Ugh, another one of these shameless plug pages… oh, wait, no, it’s my page. Even worse!!

Welcome, if you’re reading this, it’s because you’re a stalker, wonder who the hell is writing all that stuff in the other bit, or you go so bored by my writing you’ve wandered over here.

What would you like to know?

Oh, OK…

I’m a 30 something nerd living in the UK.  I live in lovely leafy Wiltshire.  In a nice little village with great views out the back, but not so much out the front.  Yes, I have cats, two of the little terrorists (waves to the NSA who have just read that and spat their coffee over a monitor).  Trust me, they have four paws and the only threat to national security they pose is at 4 in the morning when one of them is climbing up a door while the other one meows at her.

I’ve worked in technology for over 18 years.  Started off doing tech support (yes it really was like the IT Crowd), then moved over to the dark side of Project Management (where I was lucky enough to avoid an ulcer and a coronary) and now doing all things UX, IA & BA.  I have a strange Jedi-fu for looking at a website and knowing exactly what users will have problems with in testing.

In the middle of a mid-life crisis of sorts.  This is likely to be the culmination of the worst 18 months of my life.  It’s also proof that I never do things by halves.  By this I mean I’ve recently quit a job (which if you know me was like breaking up with the really great guy).

You will normally find me at home (hey, I like my own company, don’t judge!) listening to trance music, writing, and reading far too much.

If you’ve read this far then do stick around… things are just about to get interesting.

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