In which I return to contracting

It’s been a long time.  When I last contracted, not when I last worked.  I am however returning to contracting.

For those of you who don’t know I quit my last job, for reasons that shall remain my own (for the large part).  After everything that happened in the last 18 months, a change was needed.  In essence a big change is probably more likely to come, but I’m in an interstitial period of my life.  Where I (sadly) need to earn money to live, but also where I’m undecided in which direction to go in.

I’m going back to contracting tomorrow, for the first time in just under a decade.  I’m also only going to be working part time.  Which is thoroughly decadent (but also because that’s all I’m needed for).  So I’m going to be enjoying a little bit of time to assess the realistic direction I want to go in.

It also means I can escape the builders from hell who are driving me insane. After 4 hours of more on than off circular saw on concrete noise I had to go out.  By which point I wondered if they were repaving the Queen of the View’s Versailles garden or just a garden that is not actually that big.  Whatever the case, it was either leave the house or start sawing people in two.  I wanted to start sawing but getting blood out of my new trainers was always at the forefront of my mind.  (The last two sentences were sarcasm in case you weren’t aware).