On Wednesday evening, at about 22:40 GMT my dad moved onto his next great adventure.  I hope wherever he is, he is free of pain, walking so fast that people have to trot to keep up and doing it all with a big smile. My dad, the person who made me who I am today. […]


The other day I tweeted that a year ago I was freaking out at the prospect of major surgery, I was very single and stuck in a job that I really wasn’t enjoying (with people who made me feel miserable).  I was scared and the future didn’t look especially bright. This year, couldn’t be further […]

Why tech?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m equal parts geek and nerd.  To those who don’t know me, they are often shocked when I start correcting them on technology information.  When you get to know me, you know I just find comfort in tech.  I don’t know why exactly, I guess I just do. Did […]